Facial Treatments of brand Purles


170 PLN

Purlés Gold, Pearls & Champagne Ceremony (70 min)

Treatment recommended for mature skin with visible effects of aging skin.

170 PLN

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony for Capillaries Skin (70 min)

A soothing treatment for sensitive and vascular skin.

160 PLN

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony for Oily Skin (70 min)

Treatment for mixed/oily and sensitive and prone to irritation of skin.

160 PLN

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony - Lift & Glow (70 min)

Treatment for every kind of skin, especially with the first signs of aging and prone to irritation.

170 PLN

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony - Hydra & Radiance (60 min)

Treatment for grey, tired skin, also with photodynamic symptoms.

110 PLN

Purifying Skin Ceremony (70 min)

Treatment for mixed or oily skin.

130 PLN

Purlés Pure Rebalancing Ceremony (45 min)

Treatment for oily, mixed and problematic skin in any age with visible blackheads and enlarged pores.

160 PLN

A-Peel Exfoliation (lactic acid with arginine and urea) (30-50 min)

Indications for treatment: dry, tired, sensitive skin.

260 PLN

Anti-aging Skin Therapy (60-70 min)

Recommended for treatment of mature skin, especially dehydrated, with visible loss of firmness and mimic wrinkles.

250 PLN

Anti-time Skin Therapy (60-70 min)

Skin care for all skin types, especially mature, skin with signs of photorejuvenation, dehydrated, dry and rough.

250 PLN

Firming Skin Therapy (60-70 min)

Firming treatment for the face, designed for skin care with reduced elasticity.

160 PLN

Vitamin C Skin Therapy (60-70 min)

Intensive therapy for all skin types, especially grey and tired, as well as vascular problems and discoloration. The treatment is based on vitamin C.

240 PLN

Purlés Clinical Repair Care Therapy (75 min)

Recommended for mature skin with both exogenous and endogenous aging properties; structural and mimic wrinkles; the flaccid skin with visible wrinkles, lacking in firmness. As well as after and/or during aesthetic medicine treatments to maintain and optimize postoperative results.