Cosmetics treatments with professional devices


99 PLN

Cavitation - ultrasonic cleansing (40 min)

Cleansing and exfoliating treatment. Cleanse the skin pores from an excess of sebum and bacteria. Effect: fresh and healthy complexion.

190 PLN

Cavitation + manual cleaning (90 min)

40-900 PLN

Dermatological treatments

The time depends on the area. E.g.: closure of the capillaries, removal of papules, moles, discoloration, warts – electrocoagulation (it is recommended to consult an oncologist - 100 PLN without treatment).

250 PLN + 100 PLN 1st visit

Micro-needling mesotherapy - derma-roller (60-90 min)

Reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, rejuvenates, brightens, improves oval face.

140 PLN

Laser treatment reducing blood vessels (30 min)

from 120 PLN

Laser acne treatment

from 49 PLN

Laser hair removal



Indications for treatment: photoaging, scars, acne, blackheads, keratosis, hyperpigmentation, skin irregularities, fine wrinkles, hypoxia and less elastic skin.

150 PLN

face (40 min)

180 PLN

face + neck + neckline (70 min)

No-needle mesotherapy - anti-aging therapy


Rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles.

140 PLN

face (40 min)

180 PLN

face + neck + neckline (70 min)


120 PLN

face (30 min)

179 PLN

neck + neckline (30-60 min)

59 PLN

hands (15 min)